Grand Prizes
For our grand prizes, you will receive one virtual raffle ticket for each completed stage of questions. Finish one stage and receive one raffle ticket. Complete all three stages and receive 3 tickets! At the end of the contest period, all raffle tickets will be entered in a random drawing for the prizes in the prize pool. It's that easy!
Completed Stage Tickets Prizes
Stage I 10 x Fatal1ty AA8XE
10 x AT8
10 x AW8
10 x KN8 Ultra
10 x UL8 Pro
Stage II
Stage III
But wait, there's more! At the conclusion of the survey, certain users will also qualify for one or several bonus rounds. If you qualify for any of the bonus rounds, each one that you complete will grant you a special raffle ticket that gives you a chance at one of our mystery premium prize packages, consisting of ABIT flagship motherboards, coupled with accessories or high-end CPUs!
Bonus Round Tickets Premium Prizes
Bonus Round A
Premium Package A
Bonus Round B
Premium Package B
Bonus Round C
Premium Package C
Example: If you complete bonus round A, you will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win premium prize package A. Consequently, if you complete bonus round B, you will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win our premium prize package B, and so on. These prizes will also be drawn at the conclusion of the contest.

Daily Prizes
In addition to these amazing prizes, we will be drawing winners every day of the contest! Completing the main survey qualifies you for additional ABIT prizes and swag, including ABIT motherboards. Prizes will be announced on a daily basis, so check the contest page for today's daily giveaway. The earlier you complete the survey, the more chances you'll have to win!